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6 Ways To Use Instagram’s New Video Tool To Market Your Business

Instagram recently introduced their new video tool which allows users to shoot videos with a maximum duration of 15 seconds and post it on Instagram (and share it on other social media platforms!) Mike Gingerich shares 6 ways in which we can use this wonderful new video tool to market our businesses. These are:

1. Shoot a product demo & answer Frequently Asked Questions.

2. Create a visual portfolio of your work.

3.   Highlight special offers and events.

4. Invite fans and follower submissions using hashtags.

5. Humanize your brand.

6. Increase Engagement on Facebook.

Read more about these Instagram video marketing tips here:

6 Ways to Use the New Instagram Videos | Social Media ExaminerDo you want to share short visual stories with your fans? Have you experimented with Instagram video? They recently unveiled a video feature for their mobile app that transforms their already-powerful photo sharing network into a multimedia dynamo!

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